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How to maintain a healthy diet at a fast food restaurant

Although fast food restaurants don't always offer us the healthiest of options, many people find that they have to eat fast food from time to time. Of course you do! They are not going to disappear; your kids are not going to forget they exist; not mine, for sure. So how can we make the most of a fast food meal? Below, we look at healthy fast food so that you can enjoy what you like.

Most fast food restaurants are now providing nutritional information regarding foods on their websites and on displays at their operations. So, log on or look around, it will make it easier to decide what you can and should order; you will avoid the less nutritious, high calorie options. Also, pay attention to any changes they make to their menus or any new items that they have, as more and more of these restaurants are paying attention to what their customers want.

When choosing an item from the menu try to consider the amount of calories that are in salad dressings, cheese and/or sour cream to make your meal a little healthier. Next time, ask for a grilled chicken sandwich but hold the mayonnaise; condiments are sometimes the difference between a healthy and unhealthy meal. Restaurants are now offering patrons alternatives salads with low calorie or fat free dressings; these are always a better choice.

The following are SHORT CHEF GUIDES to eating out:

Portion Control

The most important process of healthy eating is Portion Control. If you do nothing else make this your "stick-to-it" law. Watch the sizes of the portions. If possible, order a smaller or regular portion; NEVER THE GIANT or SUPER PORTION. Normally, a restaurant size portion is 2 to 3 times larger than what we would normally eat in at home.

Order Foods to go

It is a fact that people tend to eat more when at a restaurant. If the temptation isn't in front of you, you are less likely to overindulge.

Try the Light Menu

Many restaurants indicate healthy choices on their menus and these are the ones that you SHOULD CONSIDER. Stay away from those attractive menu pictures with all the bad things that are not part of your nutritional diet.

Healthy fast food eating is possible, what you need to do is look at the healthy alternatives available, as well as remember to keep the portions you eat normal.


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